Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Science Fair Escapade

               It has been a hectic yet a great week, since I joined a Science Fair in our School. In line with that activity, there was a Science Congress, showcase of Science Investigatory Project, Science Quiz, Sci Olympics, Sci Art, Sci Essay and Sci Poster making contest. The fair aimed to empower students and youth like us on campaigns for science and explore more things which can be use for the good of one's economy, especially in our country. As well as inspiring the students to create new and unique things and motivate them in becoming junior scientists for future generations. 
      I was likely glad to be one of them, as a science and chemist student I eagerly joined the said activity together with my peers and friends.  We had showcased our SIP which was all about the potential of Toddy (tuba) and Sugar Solution as an organic control against insect pests which lessen the production of rice. But , so disappointing that we did not made in on top! 
Another was the parade of games, in the Sci Olympics. I did not join any of them; I was at the audience view watching my classmates play.

The most exciting part was the Essay Writing Contest because I’m gonna represent our class for the the 3rd and 4th year category.  It was a bit challenging, because my opponents were also good and there from higher levels. Some of them are writers and contributors in “The Boholenian”(our school paper) while I’m not, and it was tough because the school paper’s  Editor in Chief, meanwhile my fellow creative writer joins the competition.  Yes, I’m a creative writer in line with the Special Program in the Art student, but I knew, I was not that good. I was not even part of the school paper, see? I was once the Best in Creative Writing English back in the year 2011, but as our teacher was changed, I lost the title. 

Hmm.. Back to the topic..

The theme for this year’s essay writing is “Empowering Science Clubbers, to Action, to Improve, Preserve and Protect the Environment.” Right! the theme was not that difficult. We had given 2 hours to write an essay with a minimum of 300 words.  Then, I started to make up my mind, focus, write and did my best.