Saturday, 24 August 2013

Science Clubbers on The Go.

Science Fair 2013’s General Theme: (NATUREADY: Unravel the cause. Build the solution. Empower Science Clubbers to Action)
Essay Writing (3rd & 4th year category)
Theme: “Empowering Science Clubbers, to Action, to Improve, Preserve and Protect the Environment.”   
Entry No. 4 Angelah Polot



              “To the children of the earth; Today is a sacrifice, tomorrow is a paradise.” The environment is our nature, all it encompasses play vital and huge role in our daily lives. It has everything humans needed and depend on for our physical survival. Every little thing is provided by it and the natural world around us such as: fresh air, food, water, materials for our shelter and even environmental cycles. Moreover, nature has been also our greatest medicine cabinet for common colds and ailments.
               But it is downcast to say that we, people in the present, have almost disconnected ourselves from the natural environment. It is merely easy and convenient for us to forget it, which however remains giving and providing us as ever even as it vanishes bit by bit. Maybe because, technology and industry become more and more evident to us that our natural environment becomes so foreign. Yes, we may have superficially blinded by the modernization and are distant away from nature, but still we have not changed our reliance on the environmental world and all the things we use and consume remain the products of the interactions within it.  See? Amidst all the hysteria however lies the forgotten fact that the latest development is not always best for the society.

            Nevertheless, what will happen to us if our natural environment which has been our comfort zone through the years will vanish one day?
                As we saw in the televisions, newspapers, or may have heard from our radios that there are rampant of disasters that are happening now a days that can greatly destroy our world and may affect our lives as well. Particularly that our country is prone to natural disasters as long as anyone can remember. There are numerous occurrences of floods which reigned the cities and many provinces. Not only have they been frequent but destructive as well. Breaking down of rocks was also a calamity, it usually happens when land surfaces forms down.  Especially those people who are living near enormous mountains usually experience landslides &mud flows.  Not only that, but also earthquakes and volcanic eruption caused too much casualties and millions worth of extensive damages.

                See? There are many disasters and catastrophic effects which have great and tremendous impact to the environment. So we must set, awake ourselves to the reality, and we must resolve these problems as early as today. “Save our earth!, save our nature!”, we used to say that line but do we do actions? Or we just let our words decay?   As science clubbers, it is our great responsibility to improve, preserve, protect our environment and do actions.  We must nurture & nourish the nature to open the door of a brilliant future, we must joined our hands together for one vision and mission to bring science to youth and to bring back our nature alive. We must make the youth become aware of the truth behind our natural calamities, we must let them know how it were formed and what the reasons behind it and fabricate a solution on how to fight or lessen it. Because small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world. And if we want to see something we have never seen before, then we must do something we have never done before, and now is the right time for it. Yes, the time has come to clean our mess. We must help each other and save the nature, even in simply planting trees today, we do not know that it might grow to become forest one day. We must spread the awareness to people especially those families who are living near the seashore to have some coastal cleanup. You know? Picking up waste is just a small step for us but it is a giant leap for the environment so we must do it.  We must realize that we depend upon our nature or environment and we needed it, as well as they needed us.  So let us break a leg, stand for it, and unite for the goodness of everybody.  Let us protect the environment and it will defeat and shield us from the coming catastrophes.