Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Summer to Treasure and Remember

My Summer Diary
From a Frustrated Summer to my Best Summer Ever
"God's Way is Always the Best Way" (from the book "Enjoy God's Best for your Life by: Arun Gogna)         

Doing the AA sign to send my support to Alopecia Areata Awareness

"When you Lose Something Believe that God the Lord, have Something Better to Offer"(by Arun Gogna)
"Everything Happens For A Reason"

Summertime is the time of simple pleasures and excitement. It is a significant moment for each of us. Especially students and teens like me, since we are out of school. But you know, time just goes like a roller coaster so we must make sure to put the most into it, to do all the things we want to do in that period of time and be sure to enjoy every minute of it. 

This year, I was very happy when summer vacation finally rolls around and was too excited. Because I'm out of school? Yes! That’s one of the reasons why. But most of all, this would be my first ever visit to Cebu and Manila. Yay, I haven't  been there ever since the world begun. Of course, I haven't experienced riding neither an airplane nor a ship in my whole life. I was very motivated and eager to have been there, expecting that I could finally ride something like the prior, could personally see what Manila is, and see some artists there and take some pictures with them. But all of the sudden, all those things became a nightmare. I didn't expect it to happen! I thought I am ready to go? My plane ticket has been booked already. 

Four days before the flight I had a fever, cough, runny nose and teary eyes. I thought it was just a simple fever (still hoping I could go to Manila) but as I woke up one morning and happened to see my skin. I have noticed some red spots; I thought it was just plain mosquito bites. But as hours passed by, I wandered why they are so getting many nah!I approached mama and told her about it, and she told me I'm having measles . WHAATT? At that time I was thinking about the trip to Manila. I was asking myself “Can I go their pa kaya?" And felt so frustrated and depressed. "My Manila Trip was just a dream pala!?" The day after, Mama sent me to a doctor for a checkup so it would vanish easily and I could have the chance to go with them to Manila. But sad to say, I haven't. It was a bad shot for me! It was just a waste of money?! Absolutely right. I have spent 850 php for that. (That was my savings for the school year 2012-2013). And I gave it to mama just to go with them. Imagine? I even wasted tears to cry. Huh, all that time and thoughts for nothing! Somehow, I hoped God have something better to give me. Well, I have not yet reached the end of my story, and I knew God is still at work creating a beautiful tapestry in my life. He has a reason for everything. 

I just did prove it right. Last Friday May 24, 2012 , my sister (Dalareich Polot) together with the Bohol Bloggers Society organized an event which was a "Blog@Talk Seminar Workshop" with the coordination and participation of Cebu Bloggers Society and with the special presence of Ms. Abby Asistio (she is a singer/composer/TV host and a blogger)

Speakers and Participants of Bohol Blog@Talk together with Ms. Abby Asistio & Dalareich Polot doing the AA sign. (Alopecia Awareness Support) photo taken by: Dexter Acebes

The event's main aim is to organize, gather all the Bohol bloggers and help people know more about blogging and social media. They are also supporting an organization, the so called "Alopecia Areata Awareness" to show them that they are not alone. "Alopecia Areata" is a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp. Here in the Philippines, it was started by the gorgeous and pretty bald lady, Ms. Abby Asistio. She also started the AA photo campaign, which spread out through her blog and social media. Maybe, God use her to make greater things, of course she is a celebrity so it is easier for her to collaborate with the public and social media and to let them know what "Alopecia Areata" really is. I guess, it's Ate Abby's mission to have the public got aware, to inspire more people who have that kind of situation to be strong, hold on, continue their journey, reach their dreams and to show the world who they are. Just like her, it was never been a hindrance to continue living life and for her to follow her dreams. Look at her now, she is an actress/a singer and a song composer! All those things she ever dreamed since she was young. She really made it despite all the odds, burdens and the condition she is carrying since she was 4. She has always been an inspiration to each and all of us.


The day after the event, we have been to two of Bohol's tourist destination together with my sisters, Ms. Abby, Ms. Niña Marie De Torres and some of the Bohol Bloggers.  Our first destination was at the Bohol Bluewater  Beach Resort Panglao.

Bohol Bluewater Beach Resort Panglao is such a wonderful place to stay. It was a great opportunity and privilege for me to have been there.  After taking awesome pictures and having a room survey, we had a sumptuous lunch.  

After the Blue Water experience, we had our adventure hang out at Catgibian D.A.T.E. Park. We had the scariest and funny moments. We've tried their canopy walk, mountain slide (zipline) and the scariest of them all the monkey bridge. The monkey bridge was like walking in a cable wire hundred feet from the ground and you should not lost your hands in the wire you're holding unto or else naaah...,, I couldn't imagine you hanging up there from the wire.. Urrggh! Deep Breathe! But, when we've finished it all. We couldn't contain the happiness we felt that time. Great Sigh! Accomplishment and success were the best moments among all!

The Day After: We Visited Pamilacan Island and Played with Dolphins

Pamilacan Island was also nice. We rode a speed boat to go there , and it was so cool. When we arrived we started searching dolphins and playing hide and seek with them. At last, we found them We did it.

It was such a delightful first time experienced for me. Thank you guys my summer has been so nice. I met new people and friends.