Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My First Ever Semi Cinderella Story when I was a Freshmen

Unpredictable Success
Angelah Polot 

Daphne Foxworth – a poor little girl but then, she became a great and successful writer because of her determination and confidence.
George Foxworth – Daphne’s father
Charlene Twain – Daphne’s stepmother, who puts a lot of pressure to her.
Ellen Smith – The one who adopted Daphne and sent her back to school until she reach her dreams.
Julia Bratt – Daphne’s best friend

                      She was in the midst of darkness staring alone at the big round moon, hoping for the stars to fall. Then suddenly, the wind blows and the heavy snow falls. A dirty poor little child is shivering in the cold winter night with newspapers and a piece of bread on her innocent hands.

                        Suddenly, she heard a loud angry voice calling her name, “Daphne Foxworth!!”. A poor little girl with a big dream in life, a dream, that she already knew it will never come true. Again, an angry voice shouted her, when she turned and look at her back she saw her father bringing a stick coming towards her, she started to get pale, her body is shivering in fright, she kneels down, bowed her head asking for forgiveness but still her father beat her. Tears fall down from her cheeks, she wants to escape from the reality but she can do nothing but to sacrifice and accept the punishment.

                     Ever since her mother died, after she was born, George Foxworth, her father became cruel to her. Because of poverty in the age of ten she was forced to quit school, instead she is ask to sell some newspapers in the street. Whenever she gets no profit from selling it, her father abuses her.

                    Later in life, her father remarried to Charlene Twain who puts a lot of pressure to Daphne, she treated her like a poor slave, she made Daphne cook, clean, wash dishes and till the garden. She was even made to sleep on the floor sometimes. And she suffered all of these without complaining.

One day, Charlene saw Daphne reading her favorite book..

“Hey Daphne, what are you doing here?”(Asked her stepmother in an angry tune of voice.)
“I’m reading my favorite book tita,” Daphne’s reply.
“For what? It’s only a waste of time Daphne!”
“No tita it’s not. Through reading I can learn some lessons even though I don’t go to school.”,Daphne’s humble reply.
“Huh! You can’t earn money by that way! (She grabbed Daphne’s favorite book and threw it to the ground.) Here are some newspapers, go and sell it in the street! Don’t come back home if you can’t sell all of that!!”

             Daphne hid her tears, instead she obediently accept the given task. Because of her positive aspects towards her customers many of them bought Daphne’s newspapers until her cart was empty. She is very glad and excited to go back home and continue reading and writing stories.

Unfortunately, in her way back home she met a group of bandits. The poor little Daphne can do nothing but to give all her money. She went home sadly…
When she arrived home, her stepmother is standing in front of the door.

“Oh, and now you’re back!! Do you sell all the newspapers I give to you?”

“Yes tita but…….”
“But what? Where’s the money now?” questioned of her stepmother.
“Eh, hmmm…. I’m sorry tita, I have no money at all for a group of bandits trapped me along the road and get all my money… I’m sorry tita, please forgive me, I don’t expect it to happ….”

“Stop the drama girl!! Give me the money now! I know you’re only hiding it! Will you give me the money? Or else (Charlene gets a broom near the place where she is standing and bashed it to Daphne’s legs until it was bruised.)Now, won’t you tell me truth and give me the money?”

Daphne kneels down and cried,” Have mercy on me tita, I’m telling the truth, please believe in me.”

“I will believe in you? No way! (Said Charlene while she bashed the broom to Daphne.) Well, that’s not enough to repay all your sins to me Daphne!”

She holds Daphne very tight and brought her to a scary dark room, without ventilation. There, Daphne’s stepmother left her alone. She is locked there the whole night without eating nor drinking.

The next morning, her father woke up early for he works as a carpenter on Mr. Nathaniel Dee’s house. When he went to the kitchen Daphne did not cook rice yet and prepared breakfast for him, so he became angry. He called Daphne but no one answered, he went to her room but she is not there, he is looking for her in some parts of their house, until he came to a dark scary room and there he found Daphne.

“Hey Daphne! What are you doing here? Wake up now and prepare my breakfast! Go ahead so that I’ll not be late in my work!”

But Daphne did not reply even for a single word, she can’t move due to the pain she feels because of the wounds in her legs and some parts of her body. On the other side, her father thought Daphne is getting lazy so he gets a pail of water and pour it to Daphne.
Suddenly he saw Daphne’s legs….

“What happened to your legs, Daphne?” asked her father.
Daphne did not immediately respond, she thinks first if she will tell the truth or not. Later on, she decided not to tell the truth for the sake of her stepmother.

“Hey Daphne! Please answer my question! What happened?”
“Hmmm…. I was slipped along the street yesterday, when I was selling newspapers”, answered Daphne while she is shivering in cold.
“That’s a lesson for the naughty girls like you!” her father said.

(After that, her father went out for a while. When he went back, he is bringing a pair of clothes and give it to her daughter.)

“Here is a pair of clothes you can wear.”
“Thank you father”.

A few weeks later, when Daphne’s wounds are cured, she went back selling newspapers in the street.

One day, her father told her to go home early after she can sell all the newspapers so that they can have enough money to buy food to eat.

While selling newspapers, she happened to read a note convincing all the teens with the age of ten to fifteen years old who have the talent of writing stories, essays or poems to join or participate to their “International Search of Junior Future Writer”. The contest will start at 3:00-4:00 pm today.
After she reads the note she is attracted to join the said contest. Ever since she was young, she pursued her dream of becoming a great writer. Because of her determination, confidence and trust to her ability she joined the said contest.

In the contest, they were given one hour to write. There, she was the first one who finished it. On the other side, her father gets mad of waiting her in their home so he went to the street to find Daphne, but she wasn't there, he asked Daphne’s friends if where she is and they told him that she joined the Search of Junior Future Writer in the plaza.

       For he can’t wait her anymore, he went to the plaza. When he found Daphne there, he became furious and scolded Daphne in front of the judges, then she brought her home causing Daphne to be disqualified in the contest.

When they arrived home he scolded Daphne…

“What are you doing Daphne? Why did you join the contest? Ha? Well, it’s only a waste of time! You can’t get something through it and if you think you will win it? Impossible!”
“I’m sorry father, please forgive me,” cried Daphne.

“And see what happen? We don’t have enough money to buy food. Because of you!” added her stepmother.

Her father became even more furious, he gets a stick of wood and bashed it to Daphne. Again and again until Daphne gets pale and very weak. Tears fall down from her cheeks but still her father bashed her. Daphne can’t stop him anymore, she feels she is dying but she suffered all the pain that night.

The next morning, she woke up early, early as her stepmother woke up. Then, she packed all her things crying, her wounds in the body is still young and fresh that she can’t even walk, but she tries her best to escape from their house and from the cruelty of her father and stepmother.

Along the road, she gets pale, after a while she lose her consciousness then she collapsed.

           Fortunately, a car happened to pass by, inside the car was a girl who is one of the judges of the search yesterday. Her name was Ellen Smith. When she saw Daphne along the road, she noticed that she was girl who was fetched by her father in the contest. So she immediately carried her to the nearest hospital in their place.

When Daphne gains her consciousness, she tells Ms. Ellen about what happened after the contest and how her father and stepmother treated her.

        And because of Ms. Ellen’s pityness towards Daphne she adopted her and sent her back to school. Daphne is very happy; she did not waste the opportunity Ms. Ellen has given to her. She was also sent to a writing academy and there she developed her writing skills. She writes inspirational stories which she can earn money by selling it. Until she became a great writer and one of the rich persons in their place.

One day, her driver happened to bump a poor beggar. When Daphne went out from the car, she was surprised to see that the beggar was her father. She looks at him seriously, without knowing that her tears fall down from her eyes, until her driver notice it.

“Hmm… Do you know who is he, madam?”
“No, I don’t”, she denied, “Go and sent him to the hospital now”
“Yes madam. Won’t you go with us to the hospital?”
“Hmm.. I will not”

Daphne did not go with them in the hospital, instead she went home. She doesn't know what to do, she ask Julian Bratt’s advice who is her best friend. Her best friend told her to go to the hospital and forgive her father because what ever she does he is still her father.
So, she decided to go to the hospital where her father is there. There, her father and Daphne have a discussion…

“Daphne, my child, I’m sorry for all the bad things I have done before. I have change already; I’m now a good father”

“Good father? When have you been a great and good father to me?? (crying) Since I was young I’m been always waiting for your love, but what have you done? You treated me not a daughter but a poor slave! I tried to suffer it, because I love you and I’m waiting for your love to me too. But nothing happened; I don’t even felt your love for a single second. And now you will say you are a good father? Do you tried to find me when I left home? No, you don’t!! Because the reality is that, you don’t care and love me. And now you are here in front of me asking for forgiveness? After how many years you've been treated me a poor slave.”

“No that’s not true my child. Maybe you don’t know, but the truth is that, I love you. Yes I have been a bad father to you, but now that I've change I will repay all the bad things that I have done to you.”

“I hope so father. And now, where is you’re proud wife? Ha?”

“Hmm… She left me alone after knowing that I have a ….cancer.”

“Ha.. Cancer??

“Yes my child I’m currently suffering cancer. Anytime, any seconds, any minute I might die. And all I want before I leave this world is to ask forgiveness to you. My child, will you forgive me?” crying..

Daphne became speechless she feels pity to her father at the same time she felt hatred after all her father have done to her...

Suddenly, her father’s heart stops pumping. Sad to say, her father died before she can say “yes, I forgive you father”.
She regret for saying those words lately, she cried and cried,

“Father………. (She shouted) Don’t leave me please; I want to spend my life with you father... So please wake up... Father…….”

But she have nothing to do, her father is gone.

A few years later, after recovering from the worse event in her life, she continued writing books and novels. One of the famous books of her is entitled “The Inspiration”, which contains the story of her life. Because of it, she became even more famous in terms of writing, and every money she gets through it she donated it to the orphanage. 

And she became an inspiration not just to every children but to everyone as well…

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sanay Guro 2013-DCPNHS


          The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in cooperation with DepED and Dr. Cecilio Putong Teatro Bol-anon showcases "Sanay Guro". A national training workshop for SPA teachers throughout Visayas, which was held last June3-7, 2013 at the DCPNHS library. The training aims to train SPA teachers in teaching the original creation of arts here in the Philippines to provide cultural education and understanding and to bring back our Philippine culture and traditions which are almost vanishing. As expected, the teachers from different sectors who attended the workshop were taught about the varieties of arts and the culture of Filipino people. However, what the teachers learned is likely to be applied to their students.

                   Last June 7, 2013 was the culmination showcases for "Sanay Guro". The Spa teachers and participants exhibit and showed to us what they've got during the 4 days workshop. In the welcome message by Mr. Lutgardo Labad, head of CDA NCCA, he mentioned that the workshop is anchoring us in our Filipino culture/nature. Providing SPA students(Special Program in the Arts) in developing enormous values and discipline of arts. After that, four presentations with traditional themes were showcased by the workshop participants. First was the "Pangalay Dance", which was lead by Mr. Raymund Candelaria Marcaida, he was really good besides he was their mentor. Then, it was followed  three more presentations which took us from different venues. A dance drama which was entitled "Tubig, Kinabuhi", a musical excerpt from "Sina Marya at Si Kiling", which was all about the myths/ legends of our cultural landscapes. It was a story between Marya and Kiling who come from opposite state in life, which in the end, the girl become a mountain which is known today as "Bundok ng Maria Makiling" and the boy become a lake, which is now the " Lawa ng Los Banos". The last presentation was a parodic comedy, entitled "Litanya". It dwells on the attitudes and behaviors of Filipino and Boholano people. There, they showed how we pray all together, how we respect the souls of those who have passed away, the perseverance of the youth to grab what they want, and how we welcome our visitors. It was bit funny but those things they act out are factual. The culmination program was ended with a closing remarks made by the representative of the office of the governor. She disclosed and told everyone that "Art is not just an alternative tool".

           One thing I learned through it, is to treasure our cultural heritage and traditions. It reminds me, to encourage every youth and students like me,  to bring back our culture and the arts. We must not anyone be blinded by money and technology we have today. We cannot be young Filipino Artists in the future, if we don't know neither the history or the culture of our own country.