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My Science Fair Escapade

               It has been a hectic yet a great week, since I joined a Science Fair in our School. In line with that activity, there was a Science Congress, showcase of Science Investigatory Project, Science Quiz, Sci Olympics, Sci Art, Sci Essay and Sci Poster making contest. The fair aimed to empower students and youth like us on campaigns for science and explore more things which can be use for the good of one's economy, especially in our country. As well as inspiring the students to create new and unique things and motivate them in becoming junior scientists for future generations. 
      I was likely glad to be one of them, as a science and chemist student I eagerly joined the said activity together with my peers and friends.  We had showcased our SIP which was all about the potential of Toddy (tuba) and Sugar Solution as an organic control against insect pests which lessen the production of rice. But , so disappointing that we did not made in on top! 
Another was the parade of games, in the Sci Olympics. I did not join any of them; I was at the audience view watching my classmates play.

The most exciting part was the Essay Writing Contest because I’m gonna represent our class for the the 3rd and 4th year category.  It was a bit challenging, because my opponents were also good and there from higher levels. Some of them are writers and contributors in “The Boholenian”(our school paper) while I’m not, and it was tough because the school paper’s  Editor in Chief, meanwhile my fellow creative writer joins the competition.  Yes, I’m a creative writer in line with the Special Program in the Art student, but I knew, I was not that good. I was not even part of the school paper, see? I was once the Best in Creative Writing English back in the year 2011, but as our teacher was changed, I lost the title. 

Hmm.. Back to the topic..

The theme for this year’s essay writing is “Empowering Science Clubbers, to Action, to Improve, Preserve and Protect the Environment.” Right! the theme was not that difficult. We had given 2 hours to write an essay with a minimum of 300 words.  Then, I started to make up my mind, focus, write and did my best.


Science Clubbers on The Go.

Science Fair 2013’s General Theme: (NATUREADY: Unravel the cause. Build the solution. Empower Science Clubbers to Action)
Essay Writing (3rd & 4th year category)
Theme: “Empowering Science Clubbers, to Action, to Improve, Preserve and Protect the Environment.”   
Entry No. 4 Angelah Polot



              “To the children of the earth; Today is a sacrifice, tomorrow is a paradise.” The environment is our nature, all it encompasses play vital and huge role in our daily lives. It has everything humans needed and depend on for our physical survival. Every little thing is provided by it and the natural world around us such as: fresh air, food, water, materials for our shelter and even environmental cycles. Moreover, nature has been also our greatest medicine cabinet for common colds and ailments.
               But it is downcast to say that we, people in the present, have almost disconnected ourselves from the natural environment. It is merely easy and convenient for us to forget it, which however remains giving and providing us as ever even as it vanishes bit by bit. Maybe because, technology and industry become more and more evident to us that our natural environment becomes so foreign. Yes, we may have superficially blinded by the modernization and are distant away from nature, but still we have not changed our reliance on the environmental world and all the things we use and consume remain the products of the interactions within it.  See? Amidst all the hysteria however lies the forgotten fact that the latest development is not always best for the society.

            Nevertheless, what will happen to us if our natural environment which has been our comfort zone through the years will vanish one day?
                As we saw in the televisions, newspapers, or may have heard from our radios that there are rampant of disasters that are happening now a days that can greatly destroy our world and may affect our lives as well. Particularly that our country is prone to natural disasters as long as anyone can remember. There are numerous occurrences of floods which reigned the cities and many provinces. Not only have they been frequent but destructive as well. Breaking down of rocks was also a calamity, it usually happens when land surfaces forms down.  Especially those people who are living near enormous mountains usually experience landslides &mud flows.  Not only that, but also earthquakes and volcanic eruption caused too much casualties and millions worth of extensive damages.

                See? There are many disasters and catastrophic effects which have great and tremendous impact to the environment. So we must set, awake ourselves to the reality, and we must resolve these problems as early as today. “Save our earth!, save our nature!”, we used to say that line but do we do actions? Or we just let our words decay?   As science clubbers, it is our great responsibility to improve, preserve, protect our environment and do actions.  We must nurture & nourish the nature to open the door of a brilliant future, we must joined our hands together for one vision and mission to bring science to youth and to bring back our nature alive. We must make the youth become aware of the truth behind our natural calamities, we must let them know how it were formed and what the reasons behind it and fabricate a solution on how to fight or lessen it. Because small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world. And if we want to see something we have never seen before, then we must do something we have never done before, and now is the right time for it. Yes, the time has come to clean our mess. We must help each other and save the nature, even in simply planting trees today, we do not know that it might grow to become forest one day. We must spread the awareness to people especially those families who are living near the seashore to have some coastal cleanup. You know? Picking up waste is just a small step for us but it is a giant leap for the environment so we must do it.  We must realize that we depend upon our nature or environment and we needed it, as well as they needed us.  So let us break a leg, stand for it, and unite for the goodness of everybody.  Let us protect the environment and it will defeat and shield us from the coming catastrophes. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Sandugo Mga Higala

Sandugo Festival; Celebrating the Treaty of Friendship
-Angelah Polot -
  Happiness and revelry is in the air as people are jamming the Tagbilaran Streets and CPG complex, partying like true blooded Boholanos in holding the colorful, festive and fabulous Mardi Gras the “Sandugo Festival”.   Beyond the pomp and revelry shines the true meaning of “Sandugo” it is the visayan term for “One Blood” or “Isang Dugo”, signifying the first international treaty of friendship recorded in the Philippines history.  Incessantly this feast observes the momentous blood compact between native tribal chieftain  Datu Sikatuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez
(DCPNHS delegates)
de Legaspi it was believed that they used daggers to draw blood from their left arms, put some wine into it, and both courageous leaders drank it to signify everlasting friendship, tribute to their brotherhood symbolizing the bond of friendship between
(Dalareich Tableya joins SandugoTrade Expo2013)
two different nationalities and cultures as one. Since then, warm hospitality has been the trademark of every Boholanos here in our country or even abroad, we Boholanos do not lose that mark of opening doors of our hearts as home of many, it is the asset that keeps visitors, foreigners and tourists always coming back here in the province. 
            This year’s Sandugo Festival in the land of the wondrous Chocolate Hills gets bigger and brighter as the highlights of the event were the; Search for Ms. Bohol Sandugo 2013 which was grabbed by the  eighteen –years-old Brigitte Burato from Alicia Bohol , there was also a Sandugo Trade Expo which was held at the Island City Mall; a skydive exhibition; a Mardi Gras with its rhythm, rhymes and colors being augmented with the presence of GMA 7 Kapuso 

stars in the person of Bianca King, JC Dioseco , Dion Ignacio, the sexiest celebrity Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. The mardi gras started from the seaport in the city and went through three kilometers to the Pres.
Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex where the grand competition was held. Prior to that, a street dancing competition was also held, the most awaited and anticipated part of the Sandugo event, it has become the traditional showcase of Boholano, the competition of sights and sounds where the contingents must dance and dramatized through their own touch of music and dance steps the celeberation of the Blood Compact. For this year’s street dancing competition there were only 6 participating contingents the; Immaculate Mary Academy of Catigbian town; Barangay Cogon of this city; Barangay Doljo, Panglao town; Barangay Totolan, Dauis town; Bohol Island State University, Clarin town campus; and Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School. 

          In the competition proper, there the 6 contingents showcase rhythm and rhymes of the music, colorful costumes and alertness of Boholanos . They also showcase the traditional Boholano culture shown in their ethnic dances and props depicting a holiday setting. It has been a hot and competitive competition but there must be only one champion among all of them and Bisu Clarin deservedly taken home the title and clinched the top prize given by the Bohol Sandugo Foundation worth P300, 000 and also bagged the the Best in Production Design prize of P45,000 among the six contigents. The first runner up goes to Catigbian town represented by the Immaculate Mary Academy and grabbed the cash prize P225, 000. Lastly, for the 2nd runner up cash prize of P175, 000 went to Panglao town represented by the barangay Doljo contenders.

Though my Ears Cannot Hear

Though my Ears Cannot Hear

·         Ava Alondres Villanueva- because of the great tragedy in her life an unknown stubborn and selfish girl before was now a kind hearted citizen.
·         Sandro Villanueva- despite all the odds, he is still the best and perfect father for his two daughters.
·         Chessa Alondres Villanueva- ever supporting sister and a loving daughter.

Drowning in a life full of depressions and imperfections, there is a little quirky girl still standing and staring alone at the big round moon in the midst of the darkness.  She is swimming in a sea of people, and abandoned faces that makes fun with her. It is much worse than the home she knew and the family she had before. Ava Alondres Villanueva was her full name, a fifteen years old teenager where life for her is so much meaningless.  She has her only eleven years old sister Chessa, whom gives her strength and hope to continue life. Since her mother leaves them for another man, Ava becomes stubborn, selfish and disobedient to her father, Sandro. Furthermore, she always makes fun of her father and utters him bad words.
            Tik., Tak., Tik,. Tak., It was already 7 o clock in the morning yet Ava is still asleep. So her father gently and slowly wakes her up.
“What?! ( in a higher tune of voice and deep actions) Can you see I’m still sleeping?” Ava exclaimed.  
Her father, on the other side, keeps in silence for a while…
Then Ava continued (with a great action and a little sign language) “How dare you to wake me up Deaf– Dumb father!”
( “Deaf– Dumb Father”, that’s what Ava calls her father.  Yes, her father Sandro was a deaf and a dumb person. Since birth he is a deaf (a person unable to hear) and a dumb (a person unable to speak; mute). Despite all the odds, he continued his journey and entered a school for the Deaf and Dumb when he was fifteen.  Now, he is a father with his two children whom he loves so much more than his life, that’s why he does everything and anything for them. Even though he always meets bad words coming from her daughter Ava, but he doesn’t mind it for all he wants is Ava’s happiness. Because of his condition, their only way to communicate each other is through Sign language and actions)
“It’s already 7 o clock my daughter you are already too late in your school, come and eat your breakfast now.” father Sandro humbly replied in a sign language.
(Ava was force to wake up and went down stairs.)
 “Here, my daughter I cooked your favorite food, Do you like it?” Said his father through a  sign language, which is their communication for a  long years. 
Ava doesn’t utter anything.,
Then her father continued “Eat more dear. So, you’ll grow fast.” 
Ava eats only three spoonfuls and walk away.
“Ate, where will you go?” Her sister asks.
“I’ll go to school!” Ava replied.
(In Sign language) “But child, you haven’t finished your breakfast yet?” her father said...
“What ever! Please don’t care! It’s not your business!” Ava said (with actions so her father can understand her) and went to school directly without asking permission or saying goodbye...
Yes, her father has been hurt, but what he thinks is that, he has no right to be angry with her daughter. For he thought it was his fault. Because he had been a great burden to her daughter’s life.  Her father was left in their home, with a great sigh and tears fall down in his cheeks.
Chessa, his daughter, notices it, and walked towards him…
“Father is you alright? I hope you are. Please forgive the mischief of ate Ava, I know it is difficult for you to handle us. Especially now, that mother leaves us.” She said with a little sign language and with some tears…
(sign language) don’t cry child.  I am alright and I always understand your older sister, because I love both of you. Always bear that in mind.”
“Yes father, I will.”
Days passed, Ava’s hatred doesn’t fade she get even worse. She doesn’t talk to her father and snobs him instead. Moreover, she doesn’t eat with them anymore, even though how her father forces her to.  
In a great Dismay,Father  Sandro takes  few steps, face towards the mirror and told himself…
“(Sign Language) This is who am I , a  Lame – Dumb Father! Has fate been so unfair to me? Oh my God, please help me in this matter.”  
Suddenly, Father Sandro thought for a bright idea that could make her daughter happy. He keeps enough money for it and he tries to find any work where he can earn money.  He has been going anywhere but no one hired him.  That’s why he ended up selling newspapers; whenever he gets profit he put it in his savings.  Even though how tiring it is for him, he doesn’t surrender just to provide his family what they want especially now that Christmas is yet to come.
Finally, Christmas Day came. Father Sandro wake up early, count his savings and went to the market. He bought enough food for them to eat, and he also bought Ava the nice dress she ever wanted, he also bought her new shoes and a new bag for Chessa.  When he arrived home, he doesn’t saw her daughter Ava. So, he asked Chessa where Ava has been.
“I don’t know father. She doesn’t tell me anything” Chessa replied...
It lasted for many hours, the sky is getting darker but still, there was no Ava. Her father is in panic, worried, and he cannot make up his mind. Distraught and lonely, Father  Sandro leaves home to find her missing daughter. He has been going far away just to find her, but he found none, not even a shadow of Ava. So he went back home, hopeless. He rested for a while and Chessa served him a glass of water.
It was almost 1:20 in the evening of Christmas day, a knock on the door awakened the depressed father. As he opened the door, he can’t believe what he saw. His miserable Christmas gets even darker and worst than what he expected. A dying and bloody Ava was lying down the door. He rushed her to the nearest hospital.
In the hospital he was in a great anguish and sadness.
“Please don’t let anything happen to my daughter! I have money; I could give you my house. You can take it all; just bring my daughter back to life. My daughter should not die! I love my daughter she should not die! I will you everything just save my daughter.” he expressed through a sign language and sob.
“Sir, stay calm… Your daughter needs blood right now, maybe because, she has desecrated so much blood earlier.”  The doctor said with a bit of actions so that Father Sandro could understand
(Sign language) I could give anything. If that is, so take my blood. It doesn’t matter if I’ll die just to bring my daughter back to life.”
“But father,” cried Chessa…
“I will be fine dear. Your sister just needs to take a little blood of mine. Just stay there ha.” He explained in a sign language.
The blood transfusion was successfully done.  But still Ava is confined in the hospital. Every hour in every day, Father Sandro was there by her side. He never leaves Ava until she totally recovered and went back to school…   
One day, her father decided to visit her in school, and went to Ava’s classroom…
“Eww, whose father is that,? He is very ugly. What a dreadful man!” exclaimed Ava’s friends.
 “Silence !” their teacher shouted..
“Ms. Villanueva !” she said.
“Ma’am? What’s the matter”, Ava asked.
“Your father is searching for you, go and talk to him outside” her teacher continued.
When her friends knew, they tease her and dread her.  They even throw Ava a lot of waste paper, makes fun with her and put a paper on her back saying “I am a dreadful girl”. But, Ava remains silent as she passes by them. She went out to her father.
“What are you doing here?” (With great angry actions)
“Why are you mad? I thought we are okay after what happens? ( in a sign language)”. in a disappointed way.
“Do I tell you we’re fine? Well, I don’t care if you saved my life. You better leave me! You are such a big a shame to me and to our family. Don’t you know my friends hated, dreaded, and abandoned me now, and it is all because of you! Your very stupid, an idiot deaf – dumb father!  And that’s the reason why mother leaves us! I hate you because you are not like any other father! Go, go away now! I don’t need you. All I need is a father whom I can lean on, share my hopes and fears. A father who speaks, and who understands me.  A dad like everyone else’s.  And it’s not you! Go, go away idiot. I hate you!”  Cried Ava who is filled of so much hatred at that time as she shoved her father away.
“No, my daughter, please don’t… (Sign language) If you knew how much I loved you” her father expressed, but then Ava continued to shove him away.  He had nothing to do but to walk away with tears.
            One day his father is on his way to his work, when she happens to meet Ava with a group of friends. He called Ava, but she just stare at her father and snob him. A few minutes later, Ava glances to her father again and saw her father smiling happily to her.
            The next day, was the most awaited day of her father Sandro, for it is the birthday of her daughter Ava. He was busy preparing for this day. In the afternoon, he went to buy a present for her daughter. He is very excited to go home and to see her daughter. But unfortunately, in his way home he met a group of strangers that block his way. He tried to fight them, but they punch the poor father. Then the Group of bandits asks for money, but father Sandro refuses to give. Because of this, they shot father Sandro and left him. Father Sandro slowly fell down together with the cake on his right hand and teddy bear on his left hand, with tears falling on his eyes.
Auspiciously, Ava is walking home.  Suddenly, she saw an old man lying on the street close by, with blood in his body. At that time Ava was so nervous, she quickly ran towards the old man and she was surprised to know that it is her father. Her heart beats fast as she saw the blood scattered on the street. Without any doubt, Ava shouted for help but no one help them. Ava is in a great panic, she tried to carry her father but he can’t, ‘till she saw the birthday cake with some text saying “Happy Birthday Ava... Love, Dad.” Beside the cake, she saw the cute little teddy bear that her father hugged tightly. As she saw those things, she cried and said “Father, please, please wake up. I can’t leave without. We can’t leave without you. I’m sorry for all, because I had been selfish. But now I’ve realized how lucky we that we have you. Father please, wake up. We needed you.” A few seconds later, townspeople came to help them. They call an ambulance and carry her father inside the track to bring him in the nearest hospital. But on the way to the hospital, her father just blinked at her daughter lovingly. Unfortunately it is the only gesture he could make to express his last farewell. His heart beats stop and Ava’s life suddenly twist when her father was considered dead upon arrival. The two sisters cried in the great agony of their father’s death. Months passed, but still Ava doesn’t know how to move on, she attempted suicide many times but it was not successful.  Especially that she have her daughter giving her strength saying “Ate, please don’t waste your life. I need you. I am still here, who loves you with all my heart. So please, don’t waste your life.” She regretted all she has done to her father after all those years that her father is still alive, she hasn’t expressed her love towards him.
One day she went to her father’s bedroom. Under her father’s bed, there she found a small box. She opened it, and suddenly a piece of paper flew towards her face. It was a Christmas letter, she have flashback all the memories she had especially on the Christmas Day that she was in an accident. She opens the letter and it contains…
My Daughter Ava,
                        Merry Christmas, always be happy...  Even though my ears cannot hear, even though I cannot speak but my heart always understands and it is the most powerful of all. I maybe not like any other’s dad, I may not give you advices but I hope you always know how that I love you with all my heart J


Ava reads the simple letter unaware that her tears fell down and a suddenly a trill of light fell the surroundings she move her heads up and unbelievably she saw her father’s image. There is a soft, small voice that whispers through her gentle ears. It says “My child, I maybe not here, you may not see me, but I’m always here for you.”  And the light slowly disappeared. “Father” smiled Ava.
            Since then, Ava learned many things, she always visits her father’s grave. She continued her studies until she became a professional one. She provided her young sister and sent him to school. She also donates half of her profit to support the “Deaf and Dumb Academy.” They are both happy living their life to the fullest.

The END!

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”
Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum

( I wrote this story just last year. Very inspiring and I got the idea of the story from on of the videos in youtube then I made my story based on it , added scenes, and a Big Twist)