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Bohol’s 10-15-13 Killer Earthquake in the Eyes of a Fifteen-Year-Old: Oktubre Kinse

Bohol’s 10-15-13 Killer Earthquake in the Eyes of a Fifteen-Year-Old

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“I was astonished upon hearing that crying voice downstairs. I quickly scrubbed my eyes, and I see those stuffs around me shuddering and every little thing moved. I got out of my bed, run and jumped down from the stairs unaware of what shall happen next to me. I saw nothing but my older sister, teary eyed, carrying the image of Mother Mary that jumped out from our altar. I kneeled down the ground; I’m out of the blue and felt so weary, and anxious, thinking of my unexpected bid of goodbye to this world.”

                 It was 8:15 AM on October 15, 2013, Tuesday, when a destructive 7.2 earthquake shook our dear Bohol and nearby provinces. According to an article I read, the energy released by it corresponds to 32 Hiroshima bombs. It was indeed a very strong and deadliest quake I ever experienced since my fifteen years of existence here in earth. The day before the quake I was very happy, thinking of a holiday the next day. A holiday of rest, leisure, and that happiest feeling to be away from quizzes, works, and projects. But everything changed, entirely diverse from what I expected to happen. See, no one of us knows, that the day would be that worst. It is really an unforeseen event that devastated many homes/structures, ruined many lives and awake my sleepless body. 

                   I was asleep when the quake started and according to my mother, there was a power interruption right before the quake and they marvel because there were no advisory about it. It’s just that the lights swiftly turn off and then the tremor begun. Everybody was in a great terror, helpless and screaming for aid. While an innocent I, was still sleeping on my bed unconscious of the havoc behind my dreamland. Suddenly I heard “Linog!! Angelah, Jessa. Pangmata namu! Ma..Ma..” (“Earthquake!! Angelah, Jessa. Woke up! Mom.Mom.”) . I was astonished upon hearing that crying voice downstairs. I quickly scrubbed my eyes, and I see those stuffs around me shuddering and every little thing moved. I got off from my bed, run and jumped down from the stairs unaware of what shall happen next to me. I saw nothing but my older sister, teary eyed, carrying with her an image of Mother Mary that jumped out from our altar. I kneeled down the ground; I’m out of the blue and felt so weary, and anxious, thinking of my unexpected goodbye to this world. I’m out of words that time, but there’s only one question keep going in my mind and that’s “Is it the end of Bohol?” Surely, if you’re in our feet that time you’d think of it too. You’d think of all your sins and mumble prayers to God. But I don’t know of those desperate ones out there if they would be happy for all their unpaid debts, trials, and obstacles shall end. Although for me, it was really not that easy. I didn’t know where mama, papa and my other siblings are. When the quake slowly vanished, all of us were gathered in the “sala” except for two other members of our family who were off from the house. Every one of us was speechless; we are all worried for the safe of papa who then was out to mall and kuya who went early for work. Our tears almost fell down for them after all what happened; we can’t imagine what ensue to them in those places they step in. Especially that we can’t make any call to papa because he haven’t any phone. But thanks God Almighty they came home safely few minutes after and share their different stories of tremor. All of us were safe, no one was injured and there were no structures in our house destroyed. Everything was all right. Suddenly, we just saw almost all of our neighbor hoods carrying with them their children and enough goods. According to them, a tsunami is coming our way because the water in the sea near to us already disappeared and when it rises again it will be formed into a great tsunami that would cover us all to death. It was another terror for us; none can portray the fears in our faces that time. We can’t figure out if it’s a false alarm or reality. We can't communicate to other people because signals were so low, our phones are almost in low bat and because there was no electricity we can’t browse the net, nor watch the television or hear the news. We are totally nothing that moment faith just keeps us together. But, hearing the “tsunami talk” from our neighbors who are going further to elevated areas already, our parent’s told us to do so and pack our things in case, a merely preparation in our own good safe. We are not ready to leave our house that easy, so mama and papa quickly went to other houses in the highway and verify how true it was. Then, that’s the time of our great sigh knowing all of it was just a false alarm. But still we can feel the shaking and aftershocks, but were brave enough to stay home, instead of going and evacuating to higher areas. As mama and papa always say “It’s better here. If it’s really God’s choice then we can’t do anything. Even how we hide and run away home, if it’s our time, then that’s it.” 

5:OO in the afternoon that day, I went with my sister to the Governor’s Mansion. There, we charged our phones and got updates about the recent quake. Knowing all the causalities and death toll caused by it, breaks my heart. In just seconds all were gone. Those old churches, the wondrous Chocolate hills and heritages which Bohol are known for were all damaged. As a fifteen year old teenager it was a hard time for me, of course this young, I already experienced that very terrible earthquake. While those old folks mostly say this was their strongest quake in their whole life. But I was still looking at the positive side, that it’s much better to experience this early so if ever it goes back our way again we will stand still and have more strength to carry on just like these days. I knew, God has a reason for all of these and He will be here beside all of us and He won’t leave us in this matter. 

              I’m glad, until this very day now, Bohol is trying to get back in its feet with the help of all the Boholanos and people all throughout the globe who reach their hands and helped us. Since classes were suspended, students spent their time helping hand in hand in the repacking and distribution of goods. We’re very thankful for all the “bayanihan” of the people. Now, Bohol is slowly going back to normal and business as usual. People here were so grateful for all the goods they received in those times of grief and need. So I encourage all hope you, if you want to help us, please persuade your friends to come and visit Bohol back. There are still many details to discover about Bohol. Let us bring Bohol Back to Life and you’ll see one day or another we shall rise again. 

"Dalareich Tableya Workers Lend a Hand to Help Fellow Boholanos" 

Copyright 11/9/13
Text by: Angelah Polot

Thursday, 7 November 2013


                 Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School’s teachers and students got back to school after the recent Oct. 15, 2013 deadliest earthquake that hit the province of Bohol. After the DepEd’s Advisory last Nov. 6, 2013 classes were requested to resume in all levels from Preschool, Elementary, High School, and College both public and private schools. 

There were classrooms in DCPNHS campus that were damaged by the earthquake and cracks were seen inside. This involves: SPA Building, Third Year Building, & Science Building. Students were guided not to stay near these structures and they weren’t able to go inside. Classes were temporarily detained in the school gymnasium and those free places in the campus not terribly affected by the quake.

Nov. 6, 2013 was the first day Deped declares a resume of classes in the province of Bohol. Actually, it was likely expected just last Nov. 5 but it was change due to the tropical storm Wilma that brings us bad and rainy weather. 

On Nov. 6 the day after, while everybody else were busy and panic buying in the malls in preparation for the strongest super typhoon that is expected to slap the province of Bohol, students  finally went back in custody of their teachers in schools.

The students were brave enough to face their studies behind all the rubble and the upcoming super typhoon Yolanda as reported by PAGASA.

Upon entering and taking the steps inside the campus, it can be observed quitely silent and students were not that crowded than usual. There were buildings tied with ropes with paper sign advisories not to be entered by the students. So some stayed and standby-ed in kiosks and benches. 

 They were grouped with their own peers talking and sharing their stories of the recent quake. Although I also saw some students staying in their classrooms which were not affected by the quake with their teachers giving them a psychological debriefing.

  In our Creative writing English class associated with the Special Program in the Arts with the advisor ship of Mrs. Marlene Estorosas ,we didn’t waste our opportunity to meet each other again. We had our 2 hour Stress Debriefing Activity through sharing our varied stories of our “Oktubre Kinse” story/experiences and ended by answering these questions: “What did you notice to yourself after your strong earthquake experience? Aren’t you’ve noticed new behaviors /habits of yours? And the lessons you’ve learned through it?”

 Each and one of us including our CWE Teacher shared experiences. Some of us cried recalling the memories of tremor  and some are too serious. 

"But we are still hoping that God will be right beside us all in every storms and quakes we encounter. We’re still hoping to see the rainbow of hope to rise again, claim and rebuild what was once ours."