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I am an Art Enthusiast and Writing is My Passion

I am an Art Enthusiast and Writing is My Passion

    Attending  four years in Special Program in the Arts taking Creative Writing in English, I consider myself an art enthusiast. Living with the arts around me makes me alive and appreciate every little things the Creator offers. 

I'm in love with the arts, and I devote my time in writing. It is in arts where I found myself happy, and it's in there wherein I found life and there's so much to enjoy with. It caters me every possibilities and opportunities that knock unto my way, it has been a great motivator.It has been a great teacher. The Arts, it unleashed everything I have, it burned the passion that lies within. It's the guide that lights my path and pushes me to make a life worth living and to make things creatively possible.  

April 7, 2011 when I graduated Elementary in our place in Booy bringing with me an unclear vision for the next juncture. I graduated with a quite pretty background in writing company. Well, I didn't even knew I can write aside from having my name bold in papers. I had the worst penmanship. Only that I knew, my cousins could paint and draw beautiful canvases that made them top on ranks for Poster Making categories.  But I didn't care, because I dreaded painting canvases, I can only draw stick mans. 

Elevating on secondary levels because they were older than me, I was left with a unique yet familiar surname in the elementary school. Consequence does work.Maybe because of hereditary acts, my teachers in school appointed me for a poster making contest, as if I had that hereditary skill too that my cousins got. 

And so a star scout joined the contest, bringing all the materials needed as if a mini artist. The clock starts running and so I draw. I finished it on time and afterwards I won. I won 2nd place but no, that was not a surprise. It's all because the theme was given already just before the day came, all were ready and I was taught how or what should be drawn and many poster drafts have been wasted too. Just as the contest starts, I already had a clear illustration on what to draw and where to start. Easy! But it never lasts. Painting was never been a passion that kindles in me even how chances take in. 

My cousins got 'em but not me. It was not a heartache, it's happiness.

Junior Girl Scout goes the time away, second chances to discover new things but this time not for poster categories. It goes another way around, it is an essay writing category. Preparation does not work this time, it was on the spot. I just get in, and write everything I knew and what I wanted to be read. I finished the paper just in time with a messy handwriting but words with angelic touch that you couldn't deny it was written by a kid. Expressive simple words. That's how I made it to the top and carried it to another level, and another competition and another and another.

 Win or loss, it hasn't matter, chances are and experience are the best among the rest. I went for a related field, more broad than mere essay, it's the journalistic field. It was new for me, the campus journalism and Schools Press Conferences. It was more on writing news articles which I do not do before and I rarely read. It was for once in a blue moon. There were many categories both in English and Filipino, and they were chosen by our teachers. We were trained, but not as vast as professional journalists can. It was for two chances, once in a year, and I had two years and two chances to join the Division School Press Conference and had two opportunities to hear talks this time from hired journalists in their field. There was free music beating up against the wall and free snacks and there were supposed 5 winners in every category to compete for Regional meet ups. Thus, my heart pumps aloud. I was called for the certificate of appreciation but I was not on  the list. Then again, joy paints our faces, memoirs of experiences filled the emptiness in our hearts. 

Then, I stepped in High School leaving the positions I'm in, both in the school paper and supreme pupil government in elementary. I went for Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (the Bohol NHS before), that was the most convenient public school in the city. My siblings are all public alumni and so am I, but before that final decision, I had taken the exam in Bohol Island State University- Highschool Department, I did pass but I did not make it on the rank. Before all the guts to take the footsteps to DCPNHS enrollment day, I asked for guidance to God, whatever it takes it has a reason, just how destiny works. 

There were two programs being implemented by the school that time, the regular class known as Basic Education Curriculum and SPA class (Special Program in the Arts). All my other friends, my ate/s, siblings and cousins were all in, in the regular classes and so I really had no overview on what S.P.A. is.

But my sister told me that those students enrolled in the program have skills such: Painting, Writing, Media, Dancing, Acting & Singing. Okay, I wouldn't suit in there I got no talent.

How I had no idea of how and why  I've got in , still in doubt during the enrollment day. My mama asked me why not enroll in the SPA curriculum ? since its lane was not that busy.  Oh well? I had also some gasp for arts and so I agreed. I was asked for 3 parliamentary courses. As decided, I went for Creative Writing as my first and final pick, second was Media Arts and third was Theater Arts since I had worst skills for the rest. 

Worth the Choice. I wouldn't be passionate and determined to write what you are reading now, if I haven't picked the right one. I've been taking 3 years in S.P.A already and this year would me my fourth and last.

It has been a blessing to be part of DCPNHS SPA.It introduced me to the world  I have now, and to many people whom I believe are destined to cross my path and inspire me to inspire others as well and motivate my life.

SPA CWE has been a great factor for aspirants like me to be molded and be one of the greatest artists in the future.

I really appreciate every output we have. Since I know, it is heavenly & handily created. I may be a would be artist in my own way but surely I am an art enthusiast, and I love it. SPA CWE has been a great progress in my life. It allows me to keep moving forward and to test the wholesome passion I am holding. It has been a good way to build my dreams. To dream big and to spread the wings, discover new things and  widen my knowledge about Bohol, its arts and heritages.

Why? Even before our forefather time, arts has been in our veins. We are the Pintados, the painted ones. Here lived the great painters, incredible artists, poets and good writers. Through arts, I had the chance to know more  influential and inspirational people, had interviewed them and included them in the circles of my friends. 

       Writing has been my art, it opens many doors for me. Having posted in a newspaper when I was fifteen was my dream come true. I may not be a good writer as anybody else, but I believe that there's something here in this craft that pulls me towards. I tell you, I'm not even a good speaker, good that you know now. I always lisped. But arts makes me believe in myself , that there's one thing that is meant for me to be hopefully inspire the world.

We've got arts in all of us, we are the perfect masterpieces of God. So let none pull you down otherwise do not try to pull down others. Help them carry their backs to move forward. 'Cause true beauty and the arts lies inside each of us.  My life has just began, writing has been my passion. I love writing features. I'm currently playing the work as a Feature Editor in The Boholenian and hopefully the next in line for the top rank on the editorial board. I know, this is just a start of a journey and I don't know where it takes..


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