Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fly Away... Find the Way?

When you feel the lights are gone, confused on the people behind your way, it's time to shine. Believe in yourself you've got your own. You have your reason why, nothing can't get on. Find the way. Fly away. Build your own fire, burn the passion inside. There's the wide sky waiting for your wings to fly. You're not cage and there's so much to know. You just need to learn how to conquer the feeling deep inside. Waste no time, take the deepest faith. Let all your tears dry. The dawn is coming your way. You can finally see the sunshine

~Angelah~     2014

Friday, 26 September 2014


Boholanos: Fighters of the History

~Angelah Polot~

In the most exquisite land, 

Where ancestral tattooed ones exist and stand, 

Waging for war with all their might 

Aiming for the tribal colonization, they’ve fight

Ingenious folks blessed by the elements and forces 

Sensational for their bravery even they acquired little resources

Thus, escape was never been their option

For they courageously fight in any situation.

They are the history of the valued Pintados

The warriors of the olden times filled with tattoos, 

The giants of the past,

Because none of their enemies trying to defeat them had last



You’re capable of more than you know

As great as Oz who have put a lifetime’s show.

Magic, prestidigitation and mystery,

Acts to delight, to thrill and to paint new history.

Let’s walk through the gates,

Just as Emerald City’s wonder waits.

There are many dreams to build and wondrous things to see,

So take my hand and come with me.

As if riding in a hot air balloon, leave out the rest.

Believe and find out a way to do the best

If there’s a will, there’s a way

No matter how wild wicked witches say.

Once you've got faith,

Believe, there’s nothing in the world to achieve that would turn to wraith.

Remember our dreams and fight for it.

Just as Oz does equipped not just with whit,

Thus, remember, goodness is much more grateful than the greatness we are aiming for.

Our future stays blank,

Dreams and opportunities may come not as we've been expected,

But it might just be the thing we need.

Just as Oz, he’s not the wizard that they've been expected,

But it has just been the wizard that they need.