Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Boholenian

The Boholenian is the official campus paper of Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School. It is run by the budding writers of the school. It is the voice of the campus and it aims to broadcast school activities, issues and community-related events.

Here are some clips of our latest issue...

Monday, 9 March 2015


Photo  Courtesy: Kiselle CampeciƱo

Special Program in the Arts or S.P.A. is a nationwide curriculum built for those students who wanted to develop their talents/skills, potentials and 'intelligences' not just for Academic excellence but also for a-like programs and events associated with the arts and one's culture. It envision an excellent young artist with aesthetic potential and renewed spiritually committed to the preservation of Filipino culture and heritage.

Here in the city of Tagbilaran, DCPNHS is the only school which pioneered the said curriculum. It caters eight majors including Theater Arts, Dance Arts, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Malikahing Pagsusulat sa Filipino and Creative Writing in English. Annually, the S.P.A. students showcase a recital of talents. ) 

This year the DCPNHS S.P.A Recital  returned; featuring series of splendid and artistic performances, talents and creativity inspired by its theme: Promoting Pride of Place through Culture and Arts.

Musical Interpretation about the story of Dayang Wadji 
The event kicked off with a musical interpretation from the Dance Arts major that staged an excerpt from the story of Dayang Wadji, the heroine of Cortes (played by Ms. Maria Monica Gomez); a lovely lady chieftain whose valor and determination saved them from marauding pirates from the south. 

It was then pursued by the staging of Montage from Teatro Porvenir; a play re imaging the history of the Katipunan and the bravery of Andres Bonifacio and his character as an artist. 

A serenade of songs from the Vocal Music, Instrumental Music and Dance Art Major named Concierto came after. They rendered Tagalog songs such Jocelynang Baliwag (the most popular kundiman in the 1980's among Tagalog revolutionaries fighting Spanish colonial rule. It was known as the Kundiman of the Revolution) and Marangal na Dalit (was the  historic national anthem of the Tagalog Republic and is considered the first national anthem of the Philippines during the Philippine Revolution.)

It was followed by an excellent musical rendition and presentation of Boholano Medley still from the Theater Arts, Vocal and Instrumental Music in their songs Ang Bol-anon and Sa Lungsod sa Buenavista.

Aside from the literary exhibits, Creative Writing in English were also applauded together with SPA B fourth year students as they showcased 'The Zode in the Road', a speech choir moved from the works of Dr. Seuss. Whilst the Malikhaing Pagsusulat in Filipino made the crowd yell and think as they had their Balagtasan presentation concerning on, 'Anong Propesyon ang Kapaki-pakinabang'

Mr. Mark Harvey Geolagon portraying as Dr. Seuss

It was then followed by a touching short play (from Theater Arts Grade 9 & Fourth year) which stirs the crowd's emotions as its plot aims to tell a memorable message of acceptance, love among family members,  attention, care, and hope.