Thursday, 10 September 2015

Special Edition: Abby Asistio - Music & Advocacy


Abby-eutiful Escapade 

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Beauty and music, these are the things she resembles. She is a singer, songwriter, blogger, TV Host and endorser. But one thing you’d be reminded about her is that she has Alopecia Areata and she was gorgeously bald. Bald? Yes she was wholly bald, but if you could only see her she was so stunning even without strands of hair over her head. 

Since she was four, she’d been diagnosed to a hair lost condition called Alopecia Areata. In which according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) is a disease that affects the hair follicles, which are part of the skin from which hairs grow. In most cases, hair falls out in small, round patches about the size of a quarter. Many people with the disease get only a few bare patches. Some people may lose more hair. Rarely, the disease causes total loss of hair on the head or complete loss of hair on the head, face, and body.

Furthermore it is an autoimmune disease. “Normally the immune system protects the body against infection and disease. In an autoimmune disease, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks some part of your own body. In alopecia areata, the immune system attacks the hair follicles.” - NIAMS

“There is no cure for Alopecia Areata. There are no drugs approved to treat it.” – NIAMS

How’d you live with that? Imagine walking without eyebrows or worst is – no single strand over your head. Frightening!

Yet true beauty glimmers over Abby’s and her Alopecia life was a blessing in disguise for a lot of people who share the same story and to those who she had inspired.

In the Philippines, Alopecia Areata Awareness Campaign was started by Abby. On September 12, a year before she went to see us, she made a big decision in her life. That was when she took off her wigs for the very first time and proudly showed her bald to the public. She took herself a video blog, shared her advocacy and sang her composed song entitled, Beautiful. From on, she wore wigs no more and she nailed her look wherever she goes! Beauty and music wraps her heart as inspiration hovers.

This was 4 years ago with the bloggers and Ate Abby. I look so cute here!

(Pamilacan Island with Ate Abby and yours truly!)

Beauty in all that she is!
Today Abby Asistio or how I used to call her “Ate Abby” is Novuhair’s latest Ambassador, “an Alopecia Areata warrior and a symbol of Hope”. I’m happy she now had her hair back! Though I’m missing the gorgeous bald!.

Recently she had the privilege of meeting and sharing her stories with Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of the social networking website, Facebook. She was the only Filipina among 20 handpicked Facebook users Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Germany, the US and the Philippines for the Facebook’s “Friends’ Day” in celebration of its 12th anniversary.

She sings in geeks and has her Youtube channel, Abby’s Music. She also had her share of cafe resto in Manila, the Runner’s Kitchen PH since she loves cooking and adventures.

Yaay and yes! Surely treasuring to have Abby Asistio a part in our lives!

For more information about Alopecia Areata, read on!:

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