Monday, 16 May 2016


Screwdriver was one of the aperitifs we had. It is a popular cocktail refreshing drink made with orange juice and vodka.
Along with the luxurious tropical getaway in Be Grand Resort Bohol is their variety of dining options. It includes the Bridge Bar by a poolside, Monkey Bar by a beach and Lune by a roof deck (which is about to open soon).

Lune is their newest designed outdoor restaurant. It is located at the rooftop of the resort and which name is pertinently inspired after the moon.

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On the night of May 14 2016, I had the chance to enjoy the views of the sea, sky, moon and stars by the Lune. It was open an hour for a dinner set with the media visitors, over garnishes of chocolates and pralines by the Chocolate Princess of Bohol.

Dalareich with her Ginto Creations
For a luscious dinner, the resort serenade us an exquisite offering. It started with selected aperitifs/cocktails along with their Bohol spring rolls filled with crab meat, cabbage, carrots, green beans, turnips, bean sprout served with sweet garlic onion vinegar , Local fresh mackerel in a special vinegar and coconut cream marinade and their yummy Tuna mini burger caramelize onions, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato and cheese.

They took us right after to “an experience in a liquid form” with their specialty of creamed potato soup, onion with honey roast pumpkin, garlic, herb and butter croustini bread.

For an orchard interlude was a bowl of healthy mixed greens lettuce, cheery tomato, white onion, red radish, black & green olives, watermelon and feta cheese with lemon vinaigrette.

The main dish we had was “an Aquarian Aria” of pan-seared salmon fillet marinated in sake and topped with Teriyaki sauce and mango salsa served with couscous rice and caramelized shallots and mushrooms. Finally for the dessert, we had Citrus crème brulee.

Together with such delectable taste from Be was a savour of assorted Ginto Chocolate creations from Dalareich.


Mini Burgers
Fresh mackerel - "Kinilaw"
Boholano Spring Rolls
Dinner Set- up
By a roof deck you can overlook the panoramic view of the resort. You could sight their splendid villas, pools, and other diverse resto bars
Dining Set at Lune
Dalareich Food Products and Ginto Chocolates

Bohol's Finest Native Chocolate
Pralines with a variety

Be Grand Resort - Bohol
Just a quick try!

Just lovin' this!

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