Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Splendid Mother's Day: Off To Shore, We Go!



How did you celebrate Mother’s day?

a.) Hugged my mom tight early in the morning and greeted her a happy mother’s day.
b.) Brought her scents of bouquets and boxes of sweet chocolates.
c.) Surprised her with a huge handwritten letter with papa in disguise.

d.) Went shopping with mom.
e.) Served her, helped in the chores and had a fine day.
f.) What else? Your humble answer here :)

Right! There is always something for our mom in the store no matter what. Just like how she strives to make things possible when we were toddlers even up until now. Mothers are mysteriously amazing!

How did we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Sometimes the best things in life are the ‘unplanned’!

Celebrating mama’s day was not that new to us, since even how small, we always knock for something in our piggy banks. For this year’s it was my elder sister who initiated a lunch for the day, a simple dine , a break from home.

The day came and it was tortuous. We headed planned yet not really. We drove from a resto to another, looking for somewhere not too crowded and something friendly for our budget.

We decided to our first option, in Asiatika– a mix of oriental dishes.

It is a food and beverage outlet located in Metro Centre Hotel which claims as the “home of the oriental cuisine” with menu offering diverse mixes of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Pinoy dishes. The ambiance was pleasing and the crew were accommodating.

After the quick brunch and photo-taking we headed home for a siesta.


Striking panoramas of green and blue, it is somewhere the right place to escape from the buzz of election campaign commotion.

BOHOL SHORES was one of our options for Mother's Day. Though it was not really as if we planned to go there, but there was just a jeopardy thought to go out of the city for a drive. Somewhere to find a tropical atmosphere, a serene place to think, recreate and bond. It was surprising because we found a perfect spot and off to shore, we go!

There was peace. There was beauty. There was happiness. There was food as well (sounds funny). There was what we're looking for, even in just a short period of time. We released our thoughts, we had nature, we had food, we had fun! The ambiance was cozy! It was like we own the place. (Well it was a perfect time, there was no too much tourist, there was only a family with us and the crews, that's why it made us much comfortable.) It was relaxing.

My ate, papa and mama enjoying their food while looking at the pictures. 

The crews greeted us well. We plunged a try in Susan Restaurant which the resort labelled "serves true world class culinary heave". It was breathtaking, ahead the table we were seated was a crystal clear and majestic 2, 500 square meter beach pool and there was also a kiddie pool. It's majesty invited us to to go for a dip but no we didn't brought attires. What we could only do is to enjoy the scenery, took memories, pictures and eat.

Susan's Restaurant

The private resort is located in the utopia of Panglao Island. It is one of the newest resorts in Bohol and its architecture is inspired by a modern and Philippine native with neutral colors. Its trademark centerpiece is the island bar bridge which is decorated with green lushes in the middle of the crystal clear beach pool.

Pool Villas
Though we didn't went to check on villas but if you are interested the resort has 24 pool villas and 16 pool access villas. They also offer sports activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, stand up boarding, glass-bottom boat and many more.

Your blogger - TheLittleGelahGirl
There are still plenty for the resort to come and there are still a lot to explore, discover and enjoy. You might want to go and visit!


In front of the lobby / front desk
Sitting around with mom :)

My ate at Susan's
Looking great, Papa!
Selfie, Familya!

The Bohol Shores
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