Saturday, 24 September 2016

TheLittleGelahGirl Turns 18

SEPTEMBER 23 1998 , A baby girl was born and she was named Angelah. As naive and unsophisticated, she crept into the world like a tiny caterpillar enjoying the bright new day. Curious of where will tomorrow brought her to, she continued to journey and take pleasure in the life she has, overcome the waves, sailed away and untangled the ties.

Like Stripe, in one of her favorite tales by Trina Paulos, "The Hope For The Flowers" , she was drove to know what can be more than her life and has trouble in becoming what she really is. In the tale, Stripe found himself in a bottom of a pillar and there were plenty more of caterpillars too intend in crawling up. His curiosity aroused yet nobody has the time to explain; they were busy trying to get whatever they're going up. Filled with excitement on what's on the top, he tried. At first try, he was pushed and kicked and stepped on from every direction. There were only two options, to climb or be climbed. It was then he had his share journey until he realized there was nothing on the top than seeing more pillars of caterpillars trying to pull each other and striving to make it on the top. It was all before he understands that he wasn't supposed to be doing what are others are trying to do. Just because everyone is doing it, it doesn't mean it is the right thing to follow. Because things could never be something they aren't meant to be. It was before Stripe understands that his life was more than just it, that he is meant to fly and become a butterfly.

Just like Stripe, 18 years after, on September 23, 2016, the baby girl that I've been telling you, is writing with her heart and her words - ready to become what she is meant to be.