Wednesday, 23 November 2016

10:31' Yuletide Collection, Every Sweet Tooth Would Love To Have

 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of GOD.”
 1 Corinthians 10:31
Have you ever tried passing along M. Parras Extension, Tagbilaran City counting how many days left for Christmas?

But suddenly your empty stomach cackles, as if teasing how excited you are, in the company of two hand-carries of yuletide decorations. That tight spot! Remember?, when you are about to drain but still can’t help wondering where to get “chestnuts” of presents.

Simultaneously, you’re also thinking of a cozy place to hang-out with friends on the holidays? Lifting your heads up expressionlessly will give you the answer.

Lanterns hovering along M. Parras Extension, Tagbilaran City
It is as if this haze of yuletide lantern-starlight hovered along M. Parras street would lead you the right manger where Santa’s goodies are hidden in a sleigh.

 And just in front of St. Anthony de Padua Church, the search is over.

Caught in an awe of a fleshy-stylish pink café shop with a dancing Santa on the doorway and his sleigh on the other side, loaded with puffy gifts, gives you the hint of 10:31 by Chef M

The decorations from the facade until the inside of the cafe are all in a creative and festive packages with the medley of Christmas playlist until the very delight of their menus and new offerings, specially seasoned for the Yuletide. 

One is 10:31 by Chef M’s Christmas Collection, which includes varieties of cupcakes and cakes diverse with palette of flavours, frostings, toppings and all time favourites.

10:31 by Chef M's Christmas Cupcake Collection: 

#1 For the Reese's lovers, it would surely be a perfection!
(The cupcake is not the sweetest and it is just at its right compliment for the reese's.)

  • Reese's Chocolate Cupcake
    Chocolate cupcake with white chocolate spread, topped with reese's.

#2 For the Kisses Hipsters, this is something worth your try.Hershey's Kisses Cupcake
A chocolate moist cupcake with white chocolate frosting topped with Hershey's Kisses and drizzled with Hershey's chocolate shavings. 

#3 For the S'mores at heart,
for sure, there won't be anyone from your friends who wouldn't love to have a piece of this.

S'mores Cupcake
A moist chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting topped with graham and marshmallows
#4 For the Insta-Hershey's,
we always keep coming back for a chocolate bar.

Hershey's Bar CupcakeA moist chocolate cupcake with mocha frosting topped with crunch nuts for texture and a chocolate Hershey's bar.
#5 For the Meticulous health advocates ,
we all have that one friend who is a conscious buff  and for sure this is a hit for her/him.

Banana Cupcake
A banana cupcake base, with white chocolate frosting, textured by banana butter and topped with chocolate chips.

              10:31 by Chef M's Christmas Cake Collection:

Chocolate Mango Meringue Torte
Claimed as 10:31's bestseller is a chocolate cake based, with layers of meringue frosted with buttercream and filled with mango chunks.
It is a four layered cake, with four variety of flavors indicating each layers, the ube, pandan, mango and strawberry, with white chocolate frosting with sprinkles and rainbow jellies on top.
Moist chocolate cke with dark chocolate filling covered with chocolate ganache and dripped with white chocolate. 
Verry Berry
A strawberry sponge cake, layered with strawberry chunks on a strawberry filing, strawberry frosting with strawberry ganache on top.

Triple Decker

A three-flavored cake, with mocha, vanilla and chocolate layers, with dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache, covered with white chocolate frosting with a hint of coffee to make it mocha,  topped with Hershey's kisses. 

Basically, these are just the perfect yuletide collection, every sweet tooth would love to have. Who wouldn't?

Supplementary to these Christmas treats of cakes and cupcakes which are only available from the last week of November to the last week of December, are 10:31's Christmas giveaways, which features some of their pastries and specialties. 

Including, fruity nut bar, chocolate oatmeal, butterscotch, banana oatmeal loaf, chocolate mallow loaf, crinkles and fruitcakes.

"Wish Upon 10:31" Christmas Promo.

For every single receipt of 1,000 Pesos, you will be entitled to drop a wish in 10:31's SANTA MAIL. And your wish must be for someone else and should be in line with their business (food items or services). 

A customized date for my parent's on Christmas Day. 
.A balloon bouquet for __ this Christmas.
.A Christmas dinner for Manong Driver/ balot vendor whom I rode/saw last night. (Or someone that is deserving of your wish.) 

The promo starts on  November 21 and ends on December 21. 2 Lucky winners will be drawn on December 22 and their wishes to be granted on Dec. 25, 2016 (Christmas Day)

By how it is named after the passage ,1 Corinthians 10:31, indeed the cafe is living to its refrain, of doing it all for the glory of God. As celebrating, giving and creating, ready for the most wondrous season of all, the Christmas Day. Thus with 10:31, you can never go wrong!

Behind the success of 10:31, the adorable smile of the crews, with Chef M herself, Mary Robemin N. Veloso.
Beside me, is nonetheless, Chef M as passionate and creative as she is. From a flourished bakeshop and garnished of pastry talents in Tubigon, Bohol , they had finally decided last July 10, 2016 to open a cafe in the city and thus 10:31 cafe by Chef M. 
Bohol Bloggers with 10:31
Excuse the mess of sweets and goodies everywhere. Happy  Bohol Bloggers!
Thank you so much Chef M & 10:31
Photos by:
Bryan Agua Photography,
Official Photographer of Bohol Bloggers Collective