Monday, 21 November 2016

Everything I love About Fred’s Book Cafe

Fred’s is the very first book cafe in Tagbilaran city, the very first haven of metropolitan’s bookworms - literarians, bibliobibuli, book-bossoms, bibliophiles, bibliosmia and for everyone whatever they might want to call themselves, who just love to be surrounded with good books and aroma of hot coffee, refreshing calamansi juices ,tasty waffles, meaty spaghettis, cafe crumbles, and blends tucked inside in an artsy. Such stuff, are hard to decline because they are the best rather be’s, the best resemblance for love.

We love books. We love coffee.
We love the smell of books. And we also love the aroma of coffees.
We love to eat. And we also love to read.
We love to talk. And we also love to chill.
And most of the time, that’s just what we all want,
To be with who/where or what we love to be/go/do.
We love to be with someone we love,
And we love to do, what we love to.

Everything I love About Fred's:

1.       Books

Every kind of book in the cafe is made up of stories, even the tiniest, as well as each one who enters the cafe is made up of unique chapters of life stories, picking up another story in a new perspective. Perhaps that’s why people like books, because people are like books.

2.       Food

 Aside from the atmosphere and aromas of my beloved books, their centrepiece of food and servings are yummy and pocket-friendly.

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3.       Interior

I love the cafe interior, well designed, stylish, and it brings me to the tome of fabulous libraries while pasta and coffee are at hand.

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4.House Events

Through the year, Fred’s has been a beautiful set for artistic events in the city. I like how the cafe promotes arts, music as well as a venue of talents and skills that Boholanos offer.

5.       Poetry Nights

You can never go wrong at Fred’s, it does not only satisfy your food cravings but as well as your soul’s.

Photo courtesy: Fred's Book Cafe

Just as the city's book cafe celebrated its first magical anniversary, it wrapped the goers with love through verses, notes and poems and pursued a Book Drive Project with the Bohol Bloggers Collective. 

The night was filled of  harmony -
 of expressing love and the love to express.

Of composing lines and pursuing poems about love,
for the people/things they love at their best and worst,
otherwise simply because they love to do such poetry, such art.

Of reading verses and poems from their best
 and loved reads as well as the love for reading and sharing.
And the love for Fred's!