Wednesday, 23 November 2016

10:31' Yuletide Collection, Every Sweet Tooth Would Love To Have

 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of GOD.”
 1 Corinthians 10:31
Have you ever tried passing along M. Parras Extension, Tagbilaran City counting how many days left for Christmas?

But suddenly your empty stomach cackles, as if teasing how excited you are, in the company of two hand-carries of yuletide decorations. That tight spot! Remember?, when you are about to drain but still can’t help wondering where to get “chestnuts” of presents.

Simultaneously, you’re also thinking of a cozy place to hang-out with friends on the holidays? Lifting your heads up expressionlessly will give you the answer.

Lanterns hovering along M. Parras Extension, Tagbilaran City
It is as if this haze of yuletide lantern-starlight hovered along M. Parras street would lead you the right manger where Santa’s goodies are hidden in a sleigh.

 And just in front of St. Anthony de Padua Church, the search is over.

Caught in an awe of a fleshy-stylish pink café shop with a dancing Santa on the doorway and his sleigh on the other side, loaded with puffy gifts, gives you the hint of 10:31 by Chef M

Monday, 21 November 2016

Everything I love About Fred’s Book Cafe

Fred’s is the very first book cafe in Tagbilaran city, the very first haven of metropolitan’s bookworms - literarians, bibliobibuli, book-bossoms, bibliophiles, bibliosmia and for everyone whatever they might want to call themselves, who just love to be surrounded with good books and aroma of hot coffee, refreshing calamansi juices ,tasty waffles, meaty spaghettis, cafe crumbles, and blends tucked inside in an artsy. Such stuff, are hard to decline because they are the best rather be’s, the best resemblance for love.

We love books. We love coffee.
We love the smell of books. And we also love the aroma of coffees.
We love to eat. And we also love to read.
We love to talk. And we also love to chill.
And most of the time, that’s just what we all want,
To be with who/where or what we love to be/go/do.
We love to be with someone we love,
And we love to do, what we love to.

Everything I love About Fred's:

1.       Books

Every kind of book in the cafe is made up of stories, even the tiniest, as well as each one who enters the cafe is made up of unique chapters of life stories, picking up another story in a new perspective. Perhaps that’s why people like books, because people are like books.